Art and Crafts Crafts for Kids Inspiring Ideas You Should Try

Summer holiday is about to come! It means you have to prepare a plan so that your kids will not get bored. While bringing them to some vacations will waste much money, making another plan is going to save you. We definitely know that kiddos cannot stop running, playing and screaming—people say this is their creative process. However, you cannot stand the mess they are going to make.

So, what is the solution? Art and crafts crafts for kids ideas below will help you out. Rather than telling them to watch TV or playing with some toys, taking them to create art and crafts is much wiser. The chance is they can express their ideas, at the same time they are busy enough to run around the house.

Not to mention playing with colors and creative things is good for their development. Involve yourself in their creativity process by giving inspiration for the art and crafts. The inspiring ideas below are so easy that you can bring kids in any age with you.

1. Be Creative with Cardboard

Cardboard is one of most versatile things you can find at home. There are hundreds of art and crafts crafts for kids ideas that you can make with cardboard. Not only easy, your kids can express their creativity and make any handcraft they want. How to transform the boring cardboard into arty handcrafts? This is it.

Things you need to prepare include cardboard, glue, color paper and additional accessories as you like. After everything is ready, start to draw the pattern on the cardboard. Rather than creating whole pattern at once, try to separate the parts so that you need to glue them.

Ask your kids what pattern they love to make. You can both help them draw or let them do by themselves. Cut down the pattern and assemble the parts with glue. Right after the glue is dry, you can start to give some finish. Give some colors by decorating with color paper.

2. Stick Bracelet for Lovely Girls

There is nothing more fun than making something that you can show off to friends. Ask girls about this and they know what they are going to make when it comes to handicraft. Yes, surely this stick bracelet idea will fit them the most. Aside from expressing their though, they will have one of a kind bracelet.

Prepare plain stick bracelets on your size, colorful threads, fancy papers and glue. To begin with, take one bracelet and twist the thread on the bracelet. Make any color patterns as you like. Don’t forget to make knot in the end of bracelet to secure the thread.

Or else, you can use fancy paper to for simpler work. Cut the paper according to the size of bracelet outer surface. Spread glue on the surface and attach the fancy paper. Voila! Now you have a unique bracelet to show off. Make with other paper patterns for your collections.

3. Ice Cream Stick Rules

Summer is the best time to enjoy ice cream, and the chance you will have a pile of ice cream stick waste. Do not throw into garbage too fast! You can transform the stick into creative art and crafts crafts for kids. Now, we give you an idea for creating shell puppet.

This creative craft is totally easy and fun, of course! Things you need to prepare are shells, glue, ice cream sticks and beads. Make sure the sticks are clean and dry. Choose the shells as you desire and create a puppet pattern from it. Glue the shells onto the sticks and put beads as eyes. And the puppet is done!

4. Amazing Paper Cup Idea

Do you have paper cups leftover at home? Guess what! You can make creative art with this party stuff. With simple materials, your kids and you will have great time—quality time to spend the summer holiday. What to do with these paper cups? Get ready and prepare the materials like paper cups, papers and crayons.

This handicraft is as easy as coloring and pasting. If you want to make cute chickens just like in the picture, draw big eyes, beak, and combs. Color them as you like and cut. Paste the eyes, beak and combs on their place. When everything is done, you will see cute chicken from paper cups.

5. Have Fun with Colorful Dough

Dough is never out of date. Kids in every age will surely love to create some kind of art with dough. If you want to have fun with kiddos, prepare dough in as many colors as you can. Tell them to make anything they want from the dough. You will be the judge, and the best one will be the winner.

If you think that buying dough from store is not safe, you can make your own. It is quite easy to make the DIY colorful dough. Prepare materials like flour, water, salt and food coloring. Mix all the ingredients and heat them up. Keep stirring until you see the desired consistency. It is surely safe and fun!

6. Dino Spray Paint

Your children are fans of dinosaurs? This is what you need to give to them. Make creative wall décor with spray paint. This arty crafts are good to be displayed on bedroom wall or living room. How to make this Dino spray paint?

Prepare dinosaur pattern and cut them. Place on the board with desired size. Spray the board with spray paint and voila! You have Dino print on the board. This is totally easy, fast and does not take much time. Place on the wall or on the table to show off this handicraft.

Do you have any idea crossing your mind? Make a list of creative things to do for the upcoming summer. This advantageous and surely attractive activity will be good for your kid’s development. Let the kids make anything they want, especially if they have creative ideas. Have fun with art and crafts crafts for kids!