This Weeks 7 Tips for a Successful DIY Bathroom Remodel Cost

In generally, bathroom is not a part of home that always looked by guess who come in our home. But, in fact, bathroom is the part of home that needed by everybody who come in and stay in our home. For example, when our friends visit our home, sometime they need to go to toilet.

Certainly, they will come in our bathroom, or if our family who stay far away, and they visit our home then they can’t back soon, so it means they have to stay overnight in our home. They definetly need to take a shower where they also will come in our bathroom.

So, even though bathroom is not a part of room that will be looked by guest who come in our home. But it’s still important to have attractive bathroom in home, it will make us feel comfortable. If you have a boring bathroom in your home already, don’t worry cause these home bathroom remodel ideas will change and make your boring bathroom model to be more attractive and look beauty and elegant as well.

1. Utilize a space in the corner of bathroom

Make your bathroom to be more useful, with utilize each corner of your bathroom such as back of door that can use it to hang the clothes or towels, so you will have plenty of places to store a storage baskets, drawers and shelves.

If we can utilize each space of bathroom it will make useful bathroom and immaculate bathroom, cause you can store every item in the bathroom of your home in a storage that has been provided so as to make it look more presentable.

2. Install miror in your bathroom

bathroom remodel

We can not spare miror and and bathroom, even miror can give big impact to make our bathroom looks more attractive, moreover if you can install gorgeous miror in wall of bathroom.

In additional, miror also gives effect to make your bathroom look larger. So, when you would like to renovate your small bathroom, you may install a miror to make your bathroom feel bigger.

a interior designer , Jessica Helgerson said that if you use a set of miror that placed face to face, it creates unlimited effect. This is also become a solution of bathroom remodel with low budget.

3. Remodel your bathroom with dark color

Color has been a public secreet that it can give big effect of a room in our house,  even color able to change mood when someone enter a room. Colors also convey messages from homeowners that can make us feel enjoyable in its room.

Using dakr color can provide its own miracle in the small bathroom. You may using moody blue or other dramatic dark colors for your wall and tiles, which will further give the impression of calm yet elegant in your bathroom.

4. Bathroom with hidden shelf

Shelf can be a furniture that  can be placed in a bathroom of your home. If you have plan to change the model of your bathroom. Try to consider to add hidden shelf as the storage of your bath aminities. Actually this hidden shelf will not need space of bathroom cause you just need to make a small room inside the wall of bathroom and it will make your bathroom look different and more presentable. It also can be a solution to keep your bathroom clean and neat.

5. Saving room by utilizing bathroom wall

In many cases, bathroom or shower taps are self-installed and spend a lot of space. But if you want to save space, consider it installing it on the wall as this will save your bathroom space.

Those ideas to get best home bathroom remodel. You may renovate your old bathroom that too large or too small to be fit and as attractive as possible. These ideas are just how to make remodel bathroom of your home. And these below are model of bathroom that can be choices to remodel your old bathroom.

A. Masculine bathroom

bathroom remodel

Masculine bathroom can be your choice to make a simple and elegant bathroom in your home. This masculine bathroom ussually use dark and netral color to give simple impressions in a bathroom.

Masculine bathroom is also a choice to make your bathroom look clean and more presentable, because this bathroom use dark color that will cover it and make bathroom as clean as possible. Masculine bathroom is usually be man’s choice.

B. Classic bathroom

Classic bathroom can be your home bathroom remodel to renovate your old bathroom. This bathroom usually use simple eksterior and interior with style of 1920s . this will create a nice space with a warm and contemporary atmosphere.

Design Bathroom With Style 1920s is very suitable to be applied to Interior Design of a contemporary home, you must first look at the floor. The larger floor that you can see, the bigger room will look.

You can keep the area under the furniture free of the little things like toys, box cards, or whatever. This will allow you to see the wider floor. Getting rid of unnecessary carpets will enhance the wider look.Chose a white color as the wall background color always be characteristic of classic bathroom.

C. Rustic bathroom

In this modern era, modern design of interior always be applied in each home in the city even in the village. Make simple bathroom design with rustic bathroom model can be a choice of your home bathroom remodel.

It will be the uniqe idea to renovate your bathroom and definettly will be so attractive bathroom. Moreover, if you can combine rustic style with modern design that looks sophisticated and elegant. So, the combination of both bathroom design between rustic and modern style will produce charming and uniqe decoration.

Rustic concept is inherent with the feel of classic and natural, making the bathroom more comfortable and what it is. That side that makes rustic concept easy to be integrated with modern concept through some elements.

Get these idea as the home bathroom remodel will make your old bathroom to be more attractive and elegant and can give any impressions to anyone who enter in the bathroom. Some of bathroom models above also can be idea to remodel your old bathroom.