Funny Baby Animals—15 Soothing Pictures You Won’t Resist!

Who can resist the cuteness of baby animals? funny baby animals always make your life better. Whether you are in bad mood because of too many works at office or somebody just let you down, seeing baby animals is the best way to boost our mood.

No matter what animals they are, their actions are too good to be missed. Different animals present different joy, these pictures are just too funny to be missed. Try to take a look at these super cute pictures, not only baby animals but also adult ones. Let us know if your mood is not rocketing at the end.

1.     Smiling Baby Red Panda

We all know panda is the cutest animal of all. If we cannot resist the cuteness of adults, how can we do for the babies? This picture shows the smiling baby red panda. We guarantee that you are also smiling now. This rare animal is caught to show his grin to us. What makes him so happy like that?

2.     Baby Hippo Kissing Its Mother

Not only human that can show their love to mother—baby hippo can do it better. You can see the baby hippo is trying to kiss its mother. And guess what! The mother looks smiling as well. They just look like human. This photo from wild life looks really beautiful and funny at the same time. So cute, isn’t it?

3.     Funny Little Penguin Learns to Drive

Among other funny baby animals, this picture might be the funniest. In frame, mother penguin is looking at her baby—driving baby. Yes, the baby is driving a toy car. The big brother seems jealous as he cannot get the turn.

4.     Peek A Boo with Funny Baby Dog

Dogs are human’s best friend and they can do many things to make us laugh. Just like what you can see in this picture. Two baby dogs are hiding under a blanket—or may be sleeping. No matter what they are doing, they look so cute and funny.

5.     Don’t Capture the Baby Panda

Funny animals cannot be separated from their uncommon action. This time, the baby panda seems like he does not want to be captured. He closes one of his eye with hand. Do you think he is shy?

6.     Funny Baby Elephant with His Keeper

Supporting the campaign of saving elephant, this picture looks so funny as well as touching. You can see the baby elephant that looks like shaking hand with the keeper. In fact, this baby is an orphan.

7.     Sleeping Baby Cat

This animal is known as the king of social media. Yes, cat never run out of action to make us laugh. They always do funny and sometimes strange things. Look at the picture and you will see the relaxing baby cat. It looks really peaceful. It actually did nothing but still makes us smile.

8.     Funny Cats with Umbrella

What are the cats doing under the umbrella? Do you think they are waiting for someone? This picture of funny baby animals will surely catch your attention. This funny photo is perfectly captured with the perfect angle and perfect timing. As you can see, the result looks really good.

9. Funny Angry Dog

Have you ever seen an angry dog? No matter what he is looking at, this dog seems so serious. The black skin and white chest makes this dog cute instead of scary. Do you want to adopt this dog?

10. Sleeping Baby Panda

Panda comes again! Unlike the other funny panda pictures, this one is quite different. Actually this is only sleeping panda. What makes it humorous is the sleeping pose. Like he cares about nothing, this panda seems to really enjoy his time on the tree. May be you need to try this trick once you got insomnia.

11. Curious Baby Cat and Wheel

We know that baby loves to play, so does baby cat. Just like the other young cats, this grey-white cat is playing under the vehicle. The photographer is able to capture cat’s funny pose on the wheel. Do you think this cat is talented to be a photo model?

12. Cute Officer

Be careful of what you are doing if you don’t want to get detention! Maybe this is what you will hear if this cat can talk. Wearing officer’s uniform, this funny cat looks like real police officer. Among many animal’s dress out there, this one is good for your cat.

13. Young Deer Kissing Her Photographer

Animal photographer sounds a great job. You can blend with animal in nature and witness their natural life. If you are lucky, you can capture some funny pictures just like this. A young deer is kissing his photographer. The little one might be curious of what the human doing. No matter what it is, it looks funny.

14. Fox That Already Gave Up

What comes to your mind at first you see this picture? The fox surrenders? It might sound bizarre but the picture said so. This is actually a sleeping fox that enjoy his time in a plank. But we cannot deny that this natural sleeping pose is so humorous, as if the fox is giving up.

15. Dog with Bunny Ears

This dog possibly loses his identity as see he is wearing cute bunny ears. The accessories really fit him, even though the dog does not look so happy with that. No matter what purpose the owner gave the bunny ear, this dog seems to have not-so-good day at that time.

What do you think about these pictures of funny baby animals? Are they funny enough to make you laugh? The best picture is actually one that is naturally captured. Just like human, animals have their own life and we should not bother them only to satisfy ourselves of funny animal actions.  Do you have other collections of funny baby animals? Make sure you do not enjoy them by yourself. Share with us!