Home Bohemian Bedroom Decor from Around the World

Speaking about bohemian style you will apply into your bedroom, it involves everything that’s far from artistic and conventional things. Bohemian is indicating aesthetic that’s influenced by past generations’ free spirit. No wonder that we’re free to mix and match anything we want in styling bohemian bedroom.

Most bohemian interior designs are influenced by countries, you are about to see some bohemian bedrooms that are influenced by several countries of the world today. When you’re decorating your bedroom with bohemian design, make sure you mix it with your personality.

Gypsy style or home bohemian bedroom style is not only for kids’ bedroom. Even master bedroom will be awesome with bohemian decorating style inside because of the eclectic style that involves assorted patterns, styles, eras, colors, and fabrics. Below are examples of bedrooms with bohemian interior style.

1. Gypsy Bedroom with Tremendously Magnificent Touches of Moroccan Accents


Since bohemian style is influenced by all countries around the world, consider adding Moroccan touches to your bedroom with bohemian decorating theme. You’re free to add lots of fun things to your master bedroom with exotically lovely bohemian theme, but you better limit the color palette.

It is true that you’re free to use any color you love for your bohemian bedroom. However, look at the purple palette used in the pic above, it accentuates the elegance of bohemian bedroom and it will perfect your own bohemian bedroom. Add chartreuse and gray if you want more palettes in it.

Since the pillows you place on your purple bed have assorted vibrant colors, patterns, shapes, and textures, something simple for the canopy will complement everything. When you lie down on your bed seeing white sheer covering your canopy, you’ll feel relaxed and ready for sound sleep.

2. Lovely Bohemian Master Bedroom with Neutrals for New Couple


When we’re thinking about bohemian decoration we’ll automatically think about a bedroom with myriads bright colors inside. You can still decorate your master bedroom with bohemian style even though you’re not using bright colors. Yep, even neutral colors can spread bohemian style.

It is true that vibrant colors are most common criterion of bohemian styled bedroom, but remember that there’s no rigid rule to create bohemian interior in your bedroom. If you want pink bohemian bedroom but your husband looks sad with your decision, turn to neutral bohemian.

Just be sure that you fill your neutral bohemian master bedroom with huge numbers of patterns, different textile types, and lots of personality, also global influence. Imitate the idea above by using different textures for blanket, rug, bedding, curtain, and carvings. Make your husband glad.

3. Astonishing Gypsy Bedroom with Natural and Earthy Accents


Another way to keep a master bedroom looks simple with bohemian interior is filling the room with natural elements. Assorted plants in a bedroom will not only provide better air quality for occupants of the room but will also enhance the natural beauty of gypsy master bedroom.

Then add a brick wall as an accent wall between the other white walls. This brick wall right beside the bed is going to add extra earthy accent to bohemian bedroom. Combined with light wooden flooring, wooden bedframe, and wooden bedside table, exposed brick wall will look jaw dropping.

Bring some different textures by complementing the bed with extra soft yet warm fur blanket, black and white fringe rug with stunning pattern, and artificial animal skin rug – because the genuine one can be extremely pricey and it shows that you’re a goon that don’t love animals.

4. Gorgeous and Glorious Bohemian Bedroom for Young Women


This idea about lovely bohemian bedroom for girls is especially designed for those who have interior with high ceiling. Teenage girls would love to stay in their bedroom and do whatever they love if their bedroom has unique interior. If possible, build an attic bed over a specific sitting area.

For the bed area, complement it with curtains in different patterns and colors. Then add few blankets in assorted thickness, colors, softness, and patterns. Those textiles will spread gypsy feeling to the bed area. The lighting that is used in bed area must not be too bright but soft.

Place the brighter lighting downstairs, in the sitting area where you placed two contrasted seating with various cushions in assorted looks, potted plants, several rugs in different sizes and designs, and lots of books on the shelves surrounding the cozy sitting area. Your girl would love this room.

5. Mesmerizing Bohemian Bedroom with Touches of Mexican Accents


You’ve seen bohemian bedroom that’s combined with Moroccan accents, now watch the picture above that shows us how beautiful a bohemian bedroom when it meets Mexican touches. Mexican bohemian décor is identical with lots of patterns mixed and matched together in a room.

Can you tell how many patterns are used in Mexican bohemian bedroom above? The bedsheet has one, another one for the bigger pillows, and the next one for the smaller pillows. Another pattern is applied on the canopy bed and also for the blind shade to cover attic bedroom window.

There are even more patterns we can see on the walls and ceiling of this attic bedroom. Mexican bohemian bedroom uses much more patterns than the other styles of bohemian decoration; this is an excellent interior décor for those who love to embellish their bedroom with many patterns.

You didn’t see all home bohemian bedroom decoration ideas. There are many more ideas that are influenced by many countries such as Indian bohemian bedroom that’s identical with huge mandala pattern hung or painted on the wall of bedroom that makes any bedroom looks totally bohemian.

French bohemian bedroom is another choice. This French bohemian bedroom is the best one for girl’s bedroom since it is identical with softer colors instead of vibrant and with florals as dominating patterns between many other bohemian patterns. Carvings are embellishing many French bohemian bedrooms.

Ideas number two and three above are also known as Scandinavian bohemian interior décor. Scandinavian bohemian bedroom is the most preferred option by grown couple because of the use of neutrals, lots of woods for the bedroom elements, and usually involves plants.