Get these Home Renovation Ideas for your ideal home with low cost

Home is a place that have to be more confortable than the other place, because we will spend all of our time at home, and we will back after work, and the other activity that make us tired to home, that’s why we must have suit home for our life.

You have old home, it does not mean that you will boring with the old design of your old home. Because you can renovate your home to me more comfortable and pretty look by these home renovation ideas.

What are the home renovation ideas for your ideal home with low budget?

The ideal home also have to concern at the functions of the each room at home. In this modern era, a home with a minimalist concept is the favorite choice for many family. It happened to save their budget and keep space of they land that they had. these renovation ideas will not make you disappointed to make your dream house comes true.

Here are home renovation ideas for your sweet home :

1. Beauty of wood idea

Using wood for window and door material is general. But, use the wood that has artistic value for your window or door is seldom to used. Window and door at home always be on the perfect area in our home. the use of wood as windows and doors can reduce noise.

By using special products to lubricate each joint of windows and doors so that opening and closing are always flowing and avoiding noise in room. By using the artistic wood as a window and door in our home can give pretty look as the decoration in a room.

2. Home Renovation ideas with LED light

Lighting is very important in a home, beside to lighting a room, the function of lighting in a home is to create a sensation and impression of its room, improve a mood, to make a room prettier, etc. because lighting is a key of aspect in each room in home, even in the kitchen.

LED light system in below of furniture will guarantee the amazing lighting without many efforts to make design home with many kind of characters, but can control and make it more comfortable by setting a lighting.

3. Wall Creativity idea as home renovation ideas

Plain wall will be so boring, but get a wall creatifity with a paint on your wall room, or hang some artistic photo on wall is also solution to recover your wall. If you can not paint or don’t like paint too much, you can paint your wall with two-tone colors. Eventhough it will not give any characters, it will give cheers impression, depends on the color you choice.

4. Polished and shining batroom renovation ideas

To cover the old building in your old home when you decide to renovate your home, Polish the old building and make it shining is need to do, it will make the building looks like new build, specially in bathroom. To maintain the shower room to make it look more atteractive, care and attention with low budget but highly effective to ensure a fresh look at home.

5. Fresh flowers at home

Fresh color from plants is a natural color that can create your fresh home, and smell of flowers will give nice nuance to make whoever stay in home will feel relax and enjoy. Put fresh flower in your home is simple solution to give fresh look in home.

It is as a solution for renovation ideas with low budget. And if you need natural sensation in your house, you can utilize your field (if you have large home field) as a garden, so you can make new hobby in your garden.

6. Renovate windows in home to give lighting affect

home renovation ideas

As talked before that lighting in our home is very important cause lighting will give many kind of effect for our mood in home. Lighting is not from LED light, or lamps in our home, but natural lighting as important as artificial lighting. We also can save much energy if we use natural lighting of sunshine from window.

So, to get natural lighting, we need to have many windows in home, add more window is not just to get sunshine as the lighting, but we can let natural air to come in room, to make it more fresh. If you can comebine natural lighting with plants it also will make it more fresh, and can make us feel more relax to enjoy at home. For example, by making a small garden near at the windows.

7. New color to make new home look

If you don’t have much budget to renovate your home, this home renovation ideas that probably can be your choice. You can start from coloring the walls in your room, choice bright color to make room to be more fun and artistic, and soft color to give calm impression.

If you like classic, you can choose the netral color, such as black or white. Make new color is not just for wall, you can paint your furniture with match color with the wall. The decoration on your wall have to has color as match as the color of wall in your home. It will make your home to be more attractive and fresh look.

8. Change the frame

The other renovation ideas for low budget is change the frame, picture, and/ or poster. This aim to give new life for your favorite picture and still economic and effective to renovate your home wall. In additionally, hang attractive picture on the wall of your home also can make artistic room and nice look.

To get new home look, you don’t need to spend a lot of budget cause those home renovation ideas above is great ideas that can do with low budget. You just need few times to renovate it and then you can enjoy your new home look, ensure you will make a beauty home that can be enjoyable home for all of family member and guest who come in your home.