4 Kitchen Organization Ideas That Will Not Suffocate You

Living in a small house or a studio apartment can be challenging. You have to make do with small spaces as effective as you can. One of the things to consider is the kitchen. Choosing one of the kitchen organization ideas might get tricky with what you have.

So, how to make you feel there is still enough space in your tiny kitchen? Check out these small kitchen ideas:

1. A Scandi-Style Kitchen

A Scandi-style kitchen is perfect for you who live in small, European apartments. Combined with the small dining room, your kitchen is just right in the corner against the wall. Built-in shelves above can stock your utensils and cooking ingredients.

The color combination is very simple. Just rely on neutral colors like white, black, and brown. The black chairs for the dining table are a contrast to the bright, white kitchen cabinets in the back.

With this arrangement, you get one of the best kitchen organization ideas.

2. The Reimagination of Kitchen Tools As Art

If you are the artistic type, you can treat your kitchen as a canvas. With one of these kitchen organization ideas, place your kitchen tools as if you create an art installation. For example: hanging your knives set on the wall.

You can also arrange your other kitchen utensils, like a wooden placemat and rolling pins, as interesting-looking as this example. However, if you are not really into art, placing them as neatly as possible is still good enough.

3. Use A Decorative Lighting

With your tiny kitchen placed in one small corner of your room, it may look a bit bland. With the white cabinets and the white island as a dining table, you need something unique. A decorative lighting is a solution.

Of course, make sure that the lighting is not too low. The burning stove, while you cook is already hot enough. If you are quite tall, the lighting that is too low might also hit your head.

Instead of placing the white kitchen island in the middle like most small kitchen ideas, set it on one corner. This will give an access to enter and exit your kitchen space.

4. The Live Plants on The Top Shelf

To some people, a tiny kitchen can make them feel slightly claustrophobic. To reduce that unpleasant feeling, one of the small kitchen ideas include placing some live plants on the top shelf. They will make your kitchen feel fresh and less stagnant.

Of course, do not forget to do this to the plants:

  • Water them regularly. It depends on the type of plants and whether they get enough sun from the skylight above your kitchen (set up one if possible).
  • Change them if they start to wither and die. When plants start turning brown, they usually no longer look and smell good.
  • You might also need to watch out for some insects that might be attracted to the plants.

There are still other kitchen organization ideas that you can think of. The small space should not be such an issue. As long as you know how to place your kitchen and which stuff to use, your kitchen will be good enough for you.