15 Cute Nail Art Designs to Welcome Summer

Nail art designs can reflect various things, including your favorite seasons. Bright colors, flowers, shimmers, and unique color patterns are perfect for welcoming summer. You can express joy, cheerfulness, and bright days with the right nail arts.

Which nail art designs should you try? These 15 designs will serve as great inspirations for your next manicure session.

Lilac Almond Nail Art with Blue Flowers

Lilac Almond Nail Art with Blue Flowers

Lilac and sharp blue are “cooling” combinations for hot days. Lilac base provides a great canvas for small blue petals with golden accents. Almond shape makes your fingers look elongated and more elegant.

Multicolor Fishtail Art

Fishtail nail art designs look more interesting if you combine several bright colors. You can start from a light base, such as aquamarine or cream colors, and draw fishtail stipes using colors like red, purple, and orange. Add thin lines between each color to create an accent.

To make your fishtail arts more beautiful, make this pattern on two fingers. Leave the other nails with the base color.

Pale Nail Art with Gold Shimmer

Pale Nail Art with Gold Shimmer

Create an elegant look in your nail art designs with a pale and gold combo. Use pale color bases such as peach or off-white. Add gold shimmer effect on the tips. To make your nail more prominent, apply this design on coffin or ballerina nails.

Subtle Marble Rose Nail Art

Subtle Marble Rose Nail Art

Rose color is perfect for “natural” nail look. You can paint all your fingers with a rose pink base, with some sleek effect (but not glittery). Add subtle white lines that resemble “cracks” to create the marble pattern.

Easy Nail Art Base with Small Accents

Easy Nail Art Base with Small Accents

The simplest nail art designs involve a solid color base and a simple stroke. Paint your nails with any base color you like, such as lilac, light blue, or pink. Use a contrasting color to make a simple stroke.

To make the accent more interesting, try making it “off-center.” Not placing it on the center make the accent more unique.

Brilliant 3D Polkadot Art

Polkadot is a popular pattern for fun nail art designs. You can add a 3D twist by combining the matte base with glittery dots. Start with the pale base color, such as beige, pale pink, or cream. Make your dots with glittery paint from contrasting colors.

Tweed Pattern Design

Tweed pattern is popular on denim wardrobe, perfect to welcome summer. You can make a tweed pattern by using a pale base color and darker tweed lines. You can use black polish for the tweed color, but make sure the base is pale.

Mini Flower Nail Art

Mini Flower Nail Art

Mini flowers are perfect for creating nail art designs. Find flowers small enough to stick on your nails. Press them between book pages for several days until dry. Stick them on nails and add a protective clear coat on top.

Lavender-themed Nail Art

Lavender color is beautiful and elegant for warmer seasons. Adding lavender nail art designs on the white base will make your nails look like porcelain.

Ice Cream Marble Art

Marble nail art designs require unique steps to create patterns. However, you can find the tutorial easily because the marble design is popular. Choose colors that resemble ice creams, such as pink base and bright red, or white and dark chocolate.

Two Nail Color Blocks

Color blocks are simple nail art designs for the practical. Stick a tape at the bottom half of your nails. Paint the top with bold color and use double layers (with sheen). Wait until dry before peeling off the tape.

Simple Lines on Bare Nails

Instead of painting the whole nails, why don’t you stick on simple lines on bare nails? These simple nail art designs use negative space as the canvas. Choose bright paint color to create unique shapes, such as eyelashes.

White Nail Art with Poppies

Red poppies look amazing on white nails. Paint the nails with white as the base. Add small red poppies for porcelain-like nail art designs.

Pink Base and Glitter

Glitter is perfect for those who are not expert in nail art designs. You only need to paint your nails with a soft pink or beige base. Sprinkle colorful glitter around the base.

Neon Nail Tips

Want to try neon but afraid of looking excessive? Apply beige base on your nails and use neon strips on the tips.

Welcome summer with cute nails! These ideas will inspire you to make unique and colorful nail art designs.