50+ Best Easy Painting Ideas For Wall Beginners and Canvas

Talking about art and crafts never come to its end. Art is about expressing your thought and no one can judge whether it is good or not. Creating art and crafts has no limit. As long as you have creative ideas, you will always be able to create new kind of arty crafts. However, sometimes you run out of art and crafts painting ideas and need some inspiration—do you?

In case you urgently need inspiration to recharge your mind, here we have several worth-trying ideas. These art and crafts are definitely easy. Whether you want to do it by yourself or with kids, it will be fun. No need to prepare many things as you can use anything around you to create state-of-art handcrafts. Be ready to be inspired!

1. Painting Ideas On Canvas With Acrylic

2. Arty Stones for Kids


Your kids surely love creative activities involving colors. If you have spare time, this homey craft should be tried. The so called arty stone is pretty easy to make, allowing your kids to perfectly do it without any fail. What needs to be prepared to make this?

Simply prepare flat stones in any size—the bigger, the better. Make sure you also have oil paint near you. If everything is ready, start the creative activity. Clean the stone and draw any design as you desire. Let your children express their ideas. As result, colorful stones will be ready to decorate your home.

3. DIY Panting Ideas On Canvas

4. Homemade Rainbow Pot


Nature presents inspiration for arts. This homemade craft is surely inspired by nature, of course with a little bit of improvement. Rainbow pot can be creative decoration for room wall. You can make it in any size according to the available space that you have.

To make this beautiful homemade rainbow pot, make a pot design on a paper and cut. Attach the pot on the wall and start to make the rainbow. Make colorful dots according to the real rainbow colors. In few minutes, you will have pretty rainbow decoration at home.

5. Christmas Painting Ideas On Canvas

6. Be Creative with Seeds


We can use almost anything to create art and crafts painting ideas, including seed. This homemade handcraft only needs pumpkin seeds to bring it into reality. You can make almost any patterns as you like, but today we choose flower as it is the easiest and the most general.

Prepare lots of pumpkin seeds, glue, canvas and paint. Draw patterns on the canvas and start to glue the seeds. This will give you arty crafts, even though it takes time. Paint the surrounding areas and give other ornaments to make it better. Not only for yourself, can you give it as present to your beloved ones.

7. Abstract Painting Ideas On Canvas

8. Homemade Owl on Glass


Do you want to make handcraft that is not only catchy but also functional? This idea will inspire you. No more plain glass as now you can make it more colorful. This glass decorating idea is surely fun, not to mention you can sell it for additional income.

Things you will need to make this craft are clear glass, egg shell, glue and paint. First, make the pattern as you like, followed by gluing the egg shell pieces based on the pattern. Color the egg shell and finish it. To secure the drawings and to give shiny finish, you need to put varnish on it.

9. Wall Is Your Giant Canvas


Some people are never enough with small things. If small canvas does not satisfy your art passion, consider your wall as the best space to express art and crafts painting ideas. There are plenty of ideas that you can apply to it. While many people apply wall stickers or wallpaper, you can draw your own pattern on it.

This is surely not easy especially for people who do not have too much skill of art. But if art is your passion, nothing can stop you. Choose the suitable background and pattern that will match the room concept. To get the perfect result, you better draw the concept on smaller canvas.

10.     Colorful Pots for Colorful Plants


Art and nature cannot be separated one another. The fact that some arts are inspired by nature makes both of them are truly harmonious to stand side by side. This homemade handcraft idea will realize this concept. Bring some art to the pots to enhance the beauty of your plants.

No more boring and plain pots in the garden. Put some colors and cute patterns on the pot and let them blend together. If you are looking for activity ideas to spend with kiddos, this is surely what you need to do. Play with colors and transform your plain garden into colorful outdoor space.

11. Painting Ideas For Beginners

12. Recycle Clock


What is better than making the unused, used again? This is the main idea of recycle clock. Instead of throwing unused papers away, you can turn it into creative DIY wall clock. Not only beautiful to see, this recycle wall clock idea is absolutely environment-friendly. Do you want to start making it?

Prepare huge piles of unused papers—colorful papers are best. For the center, you can organize the paper into big circle. Put the paper in order based on the colors. After making the center, you can start making paper scrolls. You will need many scrolls. The bigger clock you make, the more scrolls you need.

Are you inspired already? You might be surprised of how many unbelievable ideas you can make from things around you. One thing to keep in mind, making some handcrafts is a creative process. There is no certain guidance of good and bad art. As long as you like what you make, you already do the best.

In addition, there are several things to keep in mind. Use things that are quite safe to use as handcraft. Especially if you work with kids and need to use knife or scissors, be safe and always keep your eyes on them. In case you want to use recycle things, make sure they are clean and recyclable. So, are you ready to bring these simple art and crafts painting ideas into reality?