How to get teenage girl bedroom in a home

Bedroom is a place for us to spend a time, get a me time at that place, making quality time for our selves. Everything of our secreet is in our bedroom, that’s why we have to make our bedroom as comfortable as possible.

For most boys, have a simple clean room is enough, but that will not be enough for most girl. There is simple and fun idea to make teenage girl bedroom that easy to make. So, this is the ides to make teenage girl bedroom at home.

1. Bright floral motif for her bedroom

To make your room looks more energetic, girly and more fun, you can put bright floral motif in your bedroom and combine with saturated color. It will make the teenage girl bedroom will feel as a grown up feel.

Flourishes decoration will bring happy and cheer impression for anyone who come in that bedroom and saturated color will make anyone who come in will feel calm and enjoyed. Flower motif can you make on the wall, bed cover, pillow cover, even on the cupboard or cabinet in your bedroom.

But make sure you will not put it too much, because it will make your bedroom give a crowded impression because of it.

2. Girl Bedroom design to enjoy your homework

Doing some homework from your school or your college in your bedroom does not mean your bedroom must be feel so boring. But your can make your bedroom corner to be a space that utilize to hang out to doing all of your homework.

Make it as the place that can be more enjoyed, so you will not feel so boring while doing your job. First of all, you can use floating shelves, install it in your corner, and then arrange some frame on it.

Print some beauty photos with a girly theme for your frame, and some pastel accessories as well to add more prettier impression of your corner. The floating shelves you installed in the corner also has function as desk essential. To add a touch of luxury, you can put a marble light effect.

3. Cool Teenage girl bedroom with art display

You will spend much money to create two tone paint effect, but you can save your money with put the paint on the wall or put it on the floating shelf of your bedroom.

If you can paint or you have nice taste of art, you can show it with this cool teenage girl bedroom by this creation that will show up in your bedroom. Of course! It also will help you to save much budget that must paint two tone on your wall.

But if you can not draw or paint, you can print nice art and frame it, and then make it as the decoration of your wall in your girly bedroom, feel it like a cool bedroom.

4. Girly bedroom with Sophisticated layers

It’s really a choice to make teenage girl bedroom look, when you apply soft color such as cherry-blossom pink, it shows about feminine side. And this soft color will give nice teenage girly bedroom with florals on white backdrops in saturated colours.

Beside those things, you should know about the Important things to make teenage girl bedroom. This is will be discuss in next sub-chapter.

5. Used girly and bright color for her bedroom

Before you decore your bedroom, you should coloring wall in your bedroom as the first step. Choose your favorite color as the background, in generally the teenagers like simpe colours, and girl like pink, peach, blue sea, and the other bright color.

6. Simple design and beauty for girl

When you were kid, probably you like many character such as cartoon or the other, where your parent have to use wallpaper to make your bedroom has a character that you want, but as teenager in generaly, have a simple beauty room is a need, so we will use netral color with nice furniture.

7. Grily decoration for teenager bedroom

Eventhough teenager will like the simple color, but you have to concern with wall decoration in your bedroom. In generally, you can put your photo or the other frame for the wall decoration in your bedroom.

8. The Important of Choosing Furnitures for teenage girl bedroom

In additional  the important things above, Furniture also has big impact for teenage girl bedroom. As we know that girl and boy is very different, that’s why the furniture in girl’s bedroom is also different than boy’s bedroom, where in girl bedroom will need many kind of furniture with beauty motif.

9. Cabinet for girl bedroom

The cabinet that you choose for teenage girl bedroom is as girly as possible or suitable with the color of wall, or you can choose cabinet that has netral color, such as black or white. But for girl bedroom, white cabinet is the right one.

10. Dresser table for your teenage girl

This is the most important furniture in girl bedroom, this furniture that distinguishes girl’s and boy’s room. As we know that girl can’t spared with make up and dress up, that’s why dresser table is very important for girl bedroom.

If you have big bedroom, use big dresser table is not a problem, but it will be a problem if you just have a minimalist room, so you must be carefully to choose it.

You can use the minimalist dresser table, or multifunctional cabinet that’s completed by mirror, so it can save much spaces and make room larger.

Bedroom is indeed as special part of our home, because almost all of our time at home will we spend in bedroom, that’s why it’s really important to make our bedroom as suitable as possible.

To make teenage girl bedroom is easy actually, we just need to apply soft color as the background to make it girly. But the furniture in girl bedroom is really different that boy’s room.

basically, boy’s room is a simple room with functional furniture, but for girl’s room, we need functional furniture with beauty color and motif, and make us feel comfortable. In additional, to keep clean our bedroom is also the first thing that have to concern.